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Client Testimonials

Aimee l lowres

Aimee L.

I found this service on Craigslist, and ended up getting a really, really great situation out of it. I blindly went into a situation getting set in an apartment with 4 other people, who all turned out to be great, not to mention the apartment is amazing for the price we are getting it for (I've had several people tell me the deal I got is virtually unheard of in that area). I'd definitely use them again if I ever needed to move in another apartment with roommates. The application process is all digital and really straightforward. We got the whole thing done and approved in a few days. The website is great too, because you can see the applicants for the place you are interested in (if there are any yet), as well as photos and information about the apartment.

Alisha p lowres

Alisha P.

I can't say enough good things about Roomeze. Beautiful, affordable apartments all Brooklyn based with realtors who help you find what you're looking for. I was looking for a place which seemed like forever, before I stumbled upon the Roomeze site. Once there, you simply fill out some information about yourself like what your current work is, what you like to do, and your budget. The Roomeze team then contacts you and matches you to a place they think you'd fit into with roommates who are like you. It's a really great system and produces wonderful results. I couldn't be happier with the apartment I'm currently in. I'd like to thank Stephanie and the guys Roomeze for making my first move in, a wonderful experience!

Madeline m lowres

Madeline M.

I was in the most complicated situation with my previous landlord and took a gamble on craigslist, and I fortunately struck gold. I got a great apartment in Brooklyn, professional team, and genuine motivation to help find me a place that suits my preference. If you've ever dealt with a broker, you'll notice and appreciate the difference between the typical broker and these guys.

Scarlett s lowres

Scarlett S.

So helpful, so understanding, they have been amazing. Notably Bryan who helped me from beginning to end with the most incredible care. Even more so since I have no guarantor, I am not a US citizen, I got no credit history and I am a free-lancer ( I tick 0 boxes!!) they still found a solution.

Claudia b lowres

Claudia B.

Virginia is amazing! I needed a place to move in 2 weeks and she made it happen! Not only she found is the perfect spot, she even looked for the tenants for our old place! In less the 2 weeks! Not only that I didn't even have to call here once! She was on top of everything and letting me know all the details! She was amazing!

Darla n lowres

Darla N.

My son, who was 18 at the time, decided to relocate to NYC for his chosen career path. Being a Realtor from Louisiana, I was very skeptical about this process as it was an entirely different type of transaction than what I am accustomed to handling. After researching agents and brokers, we found Richard, who was a Godsend. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area, honest, personable, as well as accommodating. He even agreed to Skype with me so I could interrogate him...yes I consider myself a helicopter mom :) He is truly a rare gem. The application process was seamless and handled in a timely fashion. I give them my full helicopter mom's stamp of approval.

Erika m lowres

Erika M.

Five stars isn't enough! I'm so glad I found this service! Coming to New York all on my own I expected finding an apartment to be a nightmare but Roomeze made it fast and easy! I love my apartment and Josie found amazing roommates for me! I highly recommend Roomeze!

Sharalis c lowres

Sharalis C.

This was my first time using this company's service and I must say I was extremely impressed with the customer service provided. Eric was very professional and friendly. He was also very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions concerning the apartment and the area. I am definitely recommending this company to my friends and family. I love my apartment!

Tracey h lowres

Tracey H.

My experience with my agent from Roomeze was all I could hope for and more. My realtor, Stephanie, responded to everything right away (even 9pm text messages), was really genuinely interested in helping me out. I already lived in Brooklyn prior to this, but she was definitely a reliable, competent, nice, and knowledgeable realtor! I would certainly use her and Roomeze again in general.

Kayla s lowres

Kayla S.

Roomeze made relocating to New York really easy. I was pretty stressed out about the prices and rumors of sleezy realtors, but I was presently surprised. Stepf was responsive and found the best deals for someone looking for somewhere safe and affordable. I would highly recommended!

Johanna l lowres

Johanna L.

At first like anything too good in NYC makes you feel uneasy. But sometimes you got to take risks. I did it and I am so happy with it. Everything was done electronically even payments. They use venmo which is very convenient. Rob, our agent was very helpful. I am so happy with my room and my roommates.

Jessica f lowres

Jessica F.

My friend recommended these guys a few months back so I figured I would give them a try after seeing their website and reading positive reviews here on Yelp. I'm so glad I went through Roomeze. They made the whole experience really easy and I love my new place and my new roommates!


Is there a fee for your service?

There's no broker fee, and no charge for finding your roommates. There is a $200 fee which covers the application and credit check, and a full year of Roomeze Support.

What are the requirements for applying for a room?

Each applicant must join the lease. You should have an income of 40x a month’s rent, and a credit score of 680. Cosigners/guarantors are welcome!

Are utilities and furnishings included in the rent?

Rarely. In general you’ll pay an electric and a gas bill (running water is provided courtesy of your taxes). Each apartment comes with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, but is otherwise unfurnished.

How much will utilities cost?

Usually, they range between $50-$100 per month, per person, but it mostly depends on how you live, not where. Internet is $70-100 per month.

Can I get out of the lease early?

Sure, Roomeze Swap lets you move to another one of our apartments. Roomeze Swap is part of our support program, scroll up and check out the Roomeze Support section of this page for more details.

Can I live with my friend?

Absolutely! If you already have someone in mind that you'd like to live with, that makes our job all the easer. They just have to meet the same requirements you do.

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