Myles, 30


$0 - $2500


well I'm Orville Myles. people call me Myles for short. I have an academic background in criminal justice. I like to read, im an avid reader that allows curiosity to dictate interest. I like sci-fi, politics, history, science, classical literature and other genres. I pretty much describe myself as an information seeker with no particular direction cause I just have an insatiable appetite to know everything. my past time hobbies include going to the gym playing video games, and meditating. ultimate goal in life is to cement myself in this particular time in history by being a writer. I'm not sure what platform I'd like to use to accommodate that goal. but ive written things ranging from script diaglouges, poems, and I also write comedy. my current survival, current means of generating income is working as a guest receptionist and security personnel.


foodie wine lover world traveler early bird writer adrenaline junkie fitness freak road tripper