Kimberly, 27

Education Coordinator


$0 - $950




My name is Kimberly Beck. I am 26 years old, female, non-smoker, and am an education coordinator at a middle school in Brooklyn. Generally I'm at school from 7:30-6:00 M-F, and when we have school breaks I'll most likely be visiting family and friends in Michigan, which is where I am from. I am very laid back, clean, considerate, communicative, and am willing and able to contribute with cleaning and maintenance. I actually love house projects! In my free time I like to see movies, read, go to concerts and meet up with friends. In 2019 I hope to 1) enroll in some sort of writing course (for fun!) and 2) visit Poland (also for fun! and to see my younger brother who is teaching there).


wine lover beer snob early bird night owl film fanatic bookworm


Bed-Stuy Middle School

Education Coordinator

University of Michigan